Dr Zaar Ltd

Dr Zaar Ltd

Over the years, I have developed unbreakable bonds and friendships with people like you who visit my clinics and then develop a life time bonding. I take solace in not only being strictly professional about what I do, but being a good friend too because my practicing philosophy is simple; “I can’t treat you well enough if I don’t know you well enough!”

With background and specialization in biochemistry, endocrinology and nutrition, I find it very challenging to solve mysteries inside our bodies as we differ and carry a unique blueprint coded with hormones, molecules and atoms. Slightest deviations in their normal ranges lead to cascades of events which then take a few years before manifesting as disorders or diseases. Hence, I prefer to treat at a stage where they can be avoided and its done with the minutest doses possible, in micro, nano and pico grams. This dosing is the hallmark of my concepts and the practice.

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